The Steamroller to Tyranny. “It’s not Just a Question of Vaccination or No Vaccination”

Deceit-propaganda has no end with a narrative that is a total lie. The steamroller consists of the governments and their corrupted media, the entire UN system, in particular WHO and this powerful elitist cult, whose members are not be named, but are generally known.

YOU must understand what is behind the false vaccination, to understand that it is much more than believing the governments nice-talk of protecting your health – all these governments have sold themselves to the devil, to hell, to say it bluntly, because they all know the true agenda behind this UN Agenda 2030, that started with the midnight gong of entering 1 January 2020 – not by accident. The vaxx agenda is a question of life and death.

Peter Koenig

Read Full Article for details on details on the real agenda. The agenda is drastic population reduction, transhumanism and interface with 5g, bankrupting society whereby the elite gain all wealth for pennies on the dollar. It’s all about control, complete and utter control.

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