Climate Hesitancy and Toxic Masculinity

There’s a new catch-phrase for the uninitiated: Climate Hesitancy. This gem is being blamed on toxic masculinity and asks us: “Is toxic masculinity the reason there are so many climate-hesitant men?

In case you’re confused, you should know that Dr Van der Heyden, an “expert in masculinity and climate change”, hates men and states, “the traditional way of defining masculinity as everything that is not feminine and everything that is power and privilege“.

Before you book an appointment to get neutered in a mad rush to save the planet, please know that what the world needs right now is masculine men. We need men with the courage to stand up and defend their children, their families, and their communities; men with the intellect to discern between propaganda and truth. Don’t be afraid to flex your manly muscles. We’ve had more than our fair share of media-manufactured confused men with gender issues and look where it’s gotten us. Let’s make macho cool again.

Quotes from: This Week in the New Normal from Off Guardian.

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