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Amandha has been running her business successfully in the private for many years. Amandha, an advocate of common/natural law, chose not to continue to volunteer her business to the system and tells us how she holds positions, stands in her … Continue reading

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This Wind

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Covid Vax Detox

This article contains all the known safe and effective detox protocols that both the vaxxed and unvaxxed can use to help your body remove these deadly poisons. Included are Dr Zelenko’s Protocol, Dr Rima’s Protocol, and David Wolfe’s Protocol.

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Urgent Notice Of Denial & Removal Of Consent To The Corporation Of Canada

REMOVAL OF CONSENT TO BE GOVERNED Sign the petition (open to all people of ‘Canada’) to record your wish to expressly remove your consent to be governed by corporate politicians, corporate provinces and corporate CANADA that rule over you, not … Continue reading

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Arbutus Nation State – Comox Valley County Vote

On Saturday, October 23rd at 11:00 am, a vote will take place to elect 12 living souls to an Assembly that will represent the Comox Valley. The location will be the Dove Creek Hall at 3400 Burns Road in Courtenay. This … Continue reading

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Fully Vaccinated Are COVID ‘Super-Spreaders,’ Says Inventor of mRNA Technology

On the latest episode of “The Hidden Gateway” podcast, Dr. Robert Malone, recognized for his role in inventing mRNA vaccine technology, said, “The idea that if you have a workplace where everybody’s vaccinated, you’re not going to have virus spread … Continue reading

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What Freedom Isn’t

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Coulda Been Worse

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